Here you can find more information about the Historischer Feldtag Nordhorn 2020

Historischer Feldtag Nordhorn will take place on August 8 and 9, 2020

Relaunch with new team and new concept

On the second weekend of August, it will happen again: After a two-years break, the Treckerclub Nordhorn e.V. will be organising the Historischer Feldtag (Classic Agricultural Working Day) Nordhorn. This decision was made by club’s members on the 5th of February. Size and concept of this working day will be far different from the last edition in 2017 however, and rather follow the origins of the event which were laid more than 25 years ago.

More than ever before our event will focus on live displays with historic tractors and implements instead of static exhibits. As we have relaunched our event and started respective planning and preparation with an entire new team, we cannot and do not want to repeat the super-attractions with thousands of tractors and even machines which are unique world-wide. This time, our main intention is to give our visitors an impression of typical rural life some decades ago. In addition, we want the event to be smaller, more focused on families and also more tranquil than in the last few years.”

The size of the area for live displays will be around the same as experienced during the most recent Historische Feldtage Nordhorn. The number of tractors and implements in static display will be far lower however. The tractors and implements will be mainly provided and displayed by members of the Treckerclub Nordhorn as well as nearby friendly clubs and private persons coming from the area around Nordhorn and nearby Netherlands only. 

Our main priority is to enable or visitors – most of which are families with children – to experience a great, exciting and diversified working days with many live-displays.

Visitors will be able to witness classic grain-harvest and work with old threshing machines as well as classic potato and forage harvest. On the harvested fields, displays will range from stubble-cultivation, manure spreading, further ground-work until (simulated) work with seed drills and planting machines. The focus will not be on certain tractor makes this time, but rather on the agricultural machinery of the 1950s.

You can find a detailed press release and frequently asked questions (FAQ) by clicking on the Media / Press button above.

Kind regards

Peter Spitzer
1st Chairman

here we are plowing the fields


near the Tierpark Nordhorn (Nordhorn Zoo)

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