We would like to thank all the visitors, exhibitors, sponsors and supporters for making the last 25 Historic Field Days such a success

When will the next Historic Field Day Nordhorn take place?

After the members of the Treckerclub Nordhorn e.V. decided not to pursue the Nordhorn Historic Field Day in 2019, many tractor enthusiasts wondered what our planning for the next field day would look like.

It is important to understand that we run the organization with volunteers only. But since the first Historical Field Day, the former organizers have all become 27 years older. Our members know the organizational effort, they are aware of the expectations of all involved and they are always happy about the awesome recognition that we have received for this work. But recognition only follows, if we meet the expectations of all involved and if everything goes ahead as planned.

For this reason, we are preparing the next Historical Field Day with a new team with the necessary calmness and responsibility.  Since this is our hobby, we cannot say today when the next Historic Field Day Nordhorn will take place and what it will look like. In February 2020, final decisions will be taken at a general meeting of our club members. The result will be communicated on the Internet immediately afterwards.

The future extent of our Historic Field Day has to be adapted to the available capacity of volunteers. That is why we are particularly happy about extra volunteers, both from Germany and from the Netherlands. Especially for the areas Internet, Facebook, accounting and design of interesting exhibition activities we need extra volunteers. But also, for build-up and breakdown, catering, service and support, external help is very welcome. Just send an email to info@treckerclub.de. We will get in contact with you.

We will keep you up to date on our website and on Facebook.

Kind regards

Peter Spitzer
1st Chairman

here we are plowing the fields


near the Tierpark Nordhorn (Nordhorn Zoo)

Lohesch 61
48531 Nordhorn


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