We would like to thank all the visitors, exhibitors, sponsors and supporters for making the last 25 Historic Field Days such a success

The Historical Field Days Nordhorn 2019 do not take place

Extraordinary meeting decided against the implementation of the Historical Field Days 2019.

The planning for the Historical Field Days Nordhorn for the next five years has already started. Many vintage friends have read the report in the first issue of the “Schlepper Post” in 2019 "Restart in Nordhorn after the orderly withdrawal of Johann Hood". With a new board and different Orgateam "Historical Field Days", the Treckerclub Nordhorn has to reorganize itself. In addition, suitable premises had to be found for the preparation and organization of the club and the historic Field Days Nordhorn.

Most recently, the club now has a building available. The practical use, however, can begin at the earliest in March 2019. Thus, the association for the organization of "Historical Field Days 2019" in the known extent and according to their own claims to the event is not enough time.

Time was and is too short to bring all these changes under one roof. The reorientation and the associated effort was underestimated by all concerned. There were many peculiarities that received too little attention in advance. Much of what the previous Orgateam of the Historical Field Day has done in recent years for the club, was unfortunately taken for granted.

Therefore, the club has held an extraordinary meeting on January 23rd, 2019. The current situation was discussed in detail. The present members have finally decided by majority that an implementation of the Historic Field Day Nordhorn 2019 is not possible.

The club apologizes to all interested in agricultural technology, exhibitors and sponsors for this decision and hopes for their understanding. He will soon inform all interested parties about the further development here on the website www.treckerclub.de.

Now the club looks to the future on a new basis. The first thoughts are directed to the alignment of the 26th Historical Field Day.

Peter Spitzer
1st Chairman

here we are plowing the fields


near the Tierpark Nordhorn (Nordhorn Zoo)

Lohesch 61
48531 Nordhorn


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